Web Content Management Platform

UliCMS is an enhanced Open Source Content Management Solution for general usage.

UliCMS is the ideal platform for your php-based projects.
There is a wide-range of off-the-shelf solutions available for UliCMS, thanks to UliCMS integrated MVC-inspired web development framework.

Web Development Platform

A web development platform enables programmers to rapid develop their own web applications. This applications typically involve server-side code, as well as client-side code and a database backend.

UliCMS offers this components:

  • jQuery
  • code_editor
  • database_browser
  • sql_console
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Adminer
  • PHP Form Builder Class

Security Platform

Your customers trust you. If you deal with sensitive customer data, you need a secure system.

UliCMS offers this components:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Security HTTP Headers
  • Simple MD5 Generator
  • Simple SHA1 Generator
  • enforce_https
  • updatemybrowser.org

SEO Platform

Your project is useless, if your customers can't find it with Google.
Search engine optimization is getting more and more important.

UliCMS offers this SEO Tools:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Sitemap
  • seo_title_tag
  • blog2pingomatic

Social Media Platform

In todays global world Social Media presence is an important factor in marketing.

UliCMS offers this social media solutions:

  • blog2twitter
  • facebook_like
  • Shariff
  • jquery_socialshareprivacy

Multimedia Platform

Video is a popular media to visualize topics.

UliCMS is ready for modern multimedia, offering this solutions:

  • HTML5 Video and Audio
  • MediaElement.js
  • Tubular
  • lightbox_gallery
  • oembed

Community Platform

Static websites are outdated. Today's web is more about community and communication.

UliCMS offers this community solutions:

  • Blog
  • Disqus for Articles
  • Thumbs Up
  • intramail
  • frontend_login
  • polls
  • profiles

Mobile Web Platform

Nowadays the most users are on mobile platforms.

UliCMS offers this components for mobile websites:

  • Bootstrap
  • Mobile_Detect
  • PHP QR Code
  • android_toolbar_color
  • Emojis

Marketing Platform

UliCMS is also suitable as a marketing platform, offering this components:

  • Newsletter
  • Customer Area
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