How to Install UliCMS?

This document describes the installation procedure of UliCMS 9.

Your Server needs to met the following conditions:

  • Apache Webserver (Other http servers may work but are not officially supported)
  • mod_rewrite enabled
  • MySQL 5 or newer or MariaDB
  • PHP 5.3 or newer (PHP 7 is also supported)

Installation instructions

  1. Download an UliCMS installation package and unzip it.
  2. Upload the content of the "ulicms" Folder onto your webserver.
    Installation in a subfolder works but its recommend, to upload it to the main folder of your domain.
  3. If you have uploaded UliCMS in the root folder of your domain open in your browser.
    If you have uploaded UliCMS in a subfolder open in your browser.
    Please note, this URLs contains placeholders. You don't just copy the urls. You have to adjust it to your website.
  4. Select your language and follow the instructions of the installation script.
  5. After finishing the installation delete the "installer" folder from your server.
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