When URL Rewriting doesn't work

Datum: 03.02.2015 08:01

UliCMS uses URL rewriting to improve the readability of URLs.
When the URL rewriting does not work, you get a 404 error when you try to call a page other than the home page.

Please follow further instructions depending on which web server you are using.

Linux / Unix / Apache

Please upload the .htaccess file from the ulicms folder in the installation package into the root directory of UliCMS using FTP.
If this file does not appear in your file manager, you must configure your operating system so that hidden files are displayed.

Alternatively you can download the file here. Upload it using FTP and then rename it in your FTP client to .htaccess.

If it still does'nt work, perhaps mod_rewrite is not configured correctly.

Microsoft Windows / IIS webserver

Upload web.config file from the doc folder in the installation package via FTP into the root directory of your UliCMS installation.

Linux / Unix / nginx

If you use the nginx web server, please add the following configuration to the configuration file of your webserver.

location / {
  if (!-e $request_filename){
    rewrite ^/(.*).(html|pdf|csv|txt|json)$ /?seite=$1&format=$2;


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