UliCMS 9.8.3 is here

Datum: 23.05.2016 18:56

With UliCMS 9.8.3 you get the current release of the german Content-Management-Solution. You can keep running your current website or start new projects with UliCMS.

UliCMS 9.8.3 is an important Update containing many new features for your success in the world wide web.

This version of UliCMS contains all functions contained in UliCMS 9.8.2 and this additional features:

  • Classes Banner and Banners added
  • Shell-Script sinfo.php added
  • Shell-Script sremove.php added
  • Shell-Script version.php added
  • Function containsModule() added to class Page
  • Function removeDir() added to class Path
  • Functions were added to class ContentFactory
  • Class Request added
  • Class cache hinzugefĆ¼gt
  • Functions added to class Template
  • updated third-party components
  • new hooks added



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