UliCMS 9.8.0 released

Datum: 27.11.2015 17:39

UliCMS is the ideal platform for developing small to medium sized websites. The software combines incomparable stability in an Open Source CMS environment, with low maintenance requirements and ease of use. With UliCMS you can use your time as a webmaster for your project. You don't have to waste your time for maintaining your CMS.

With UliCMS 9.8.0 a new version was released, that have the goal, to make your work even more easier than in the preceding version.


UliCMS 9.8.0 enables you to create contact forms with individual input fields using a WYSIWYG-Editor.

Open Graph

The way how people use the internet changed a lot in the last years. Social networks take a lot of the time, that people spent on the internet.

Open Graph is a standard for additional meta informations, which are used by social networks like in the Facebook link previews.


The graphical Open Source WYSIWYG HTML-Editor CKEditor was updated to Version 4.5.3 and integrated with the following plugins.

  • Auto Embed
  • CodeMirror
  • Media Embed
  • Word Count & Char Count Plugin

New Skin

The new "Office 2013" skin, inspired from Microsoft's popular office suite was added, to bring an alternative look and feel.

Security and Privacy

As defined by german law its illegal to save ip addresses. But sometimes ip addresses are required for fighting against spam. A new option enables you to auto delete ip addresses from database after 48 hours (2 days).

IP Whitelist

The IP whitelist option gives you the feature, that you need, to make your UliCMS installation more secure.

Patch Management

The patch management utils was improved. You have now an overview list of all installed patches.

Two-factor authentication

UliCMS now supports Two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator. Two-factor authentication is a technology that improves the security of logins by asking for an additional confirmation code that is shown on a smartphone or a tablet.


UliCMS 9.8.0 makes increased use of the AJAX technology to improve the speed of the backend. Also the usability of checkbox and radio buttons in the UliCMS backend was improved.

Favicon Generator

The favicon generator now accepts most graphic formats. Uploaded images will be converted to favicon file format.

Callto Links

UliCMS now supports tel: and skype: callto links. Make it easier for smartphone users, to call your business. With tel: links your customers just have to click on a link to make a phonecall to your business.

Google Fonts

Now you can choose between over 700 additional fonts provided by Google to customize your website.

Click here for a datasheet with more informations

Important Upgrade Notes

A upgrade can be performed from UliCMS 9.0.0 or 9.0.1.

Please note that the folder structure changed in The update script should automatically execute the changes.
If this fails you have to move the folders "modules" and "templates" into the "content" directory.



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