UliCMS 9.8.0 Release Candidate now available

Datum: 22.10.2015 07:28

The UliCMS 9.8.0 release candidate is available now for evaluation purposes.
Version 9.8.0 is codenamed "Big Ben", like the largest bell of the clock tower in London.

This next generation version of UliCMS offers an extensive set of new features including

  • Open Graph
  • Custom Mail Forms
  • An updated CKEditor
  • Two-factor authentication
  • and many other new features

Click here for more information about new feature set

Please note that this is not the final version of UliCMS 9.8.0 which is scheduled for January of 2016.

If you encounter bugs while your evaluation, please report them.

We are looking forward for your bug reports, so the last remaining issues will be fixed, to make this the most advanced release of UliCMS ever.



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Gravatar Fred Larson

Name: Fred Larson
Date: 31.10.2015 15:44
Homepage: http://abc.com

Why is this CMS over 120 MB in size? Are all the accompanied libraries really required? also is the CMS fully responsive? Maybe you need a proper demo website. The demo at opensource does not show well what this CMS can really do. Most of the modules at opencms dont work.


Gravatar Ulrich Schmidt

Name: Ulrich Schmidt
Date: 31.10.2015 16:00

Hello Fred Larson.
The size of 120 MB comes mostly from the integrated mPDF php framework which is used for output of PDF files.
mPDF was removed in version 9.8.0 in order to reduce the file size.
If you download the 9.8.0 RC install package then you see, that the zip file is only 7.46 Megabyte.

UliCMS supports mobile web design. Look at this website on a mobile for example. The backend is also optimizied for mobile. But the included default frontend theme is not responsive yet.

What do you mean with "Most of the modules at opencms dont work."?
If you install a new module then you have to grant access permissions to your user group.
Else you will get an "Access denied" error.


Gravatar Ulrich Schmidt

Name: Ulrich Schmidt
Date: 31.10.2015 16:58

But you are right.
We need a better demo page.

Don't click this link