UliCMS 9.0.1 "Mountain King" released

Datum: 16.08.2015 11:34

What's new in UliCMS 9.0.1?

UliCMS 9.0.1 is a new version of the german Open Source Content Management Solution that features some awesome new functions, to make your life in web a bit easier.

Why was this new Version of UliCMS released?

This version of UliCMS was released to met the requirements of a larger audience.

So read which new features and improvements this new version contains.

Version Control System

UliCMS now supports version controlling. This means, that whenever you save a page, the previous version of your page text will be kept.

If you make an error (e.g. deleting a paragraph by mistake) then you can restore an older version of your document.

The version control system of UliCMS 9.0.1 makes your work as a webmaster more secure.

Favicon Upload

It's now possible to upload a favicon by GUI. A favicon is an icon, that will be displayed in the browser window and in your favorites. It will be also automatically included in base_metas() call, so you don't have to modifiy any code, to make it shown. It can be upload as an icon file.

Restrict Pages to Mobile or PC Users

You can now restrict the access to a page to mobile or PC users. This is useful if you want to offer a reduced website on mobile devices, since they have lesser space for menus than PC screens.

An other usecase for this awesome new feature is, if a page is specially intended for mobile users or PC users only.

Improved Performance

We worked heavily on the improvement of the performance of UliCMS. This includes optimizied database queries, combination of script and stylesheet files and increased usage of the browser side cache.

Easy to Upgrade

Upgrading from UliCMS 9.0.0 is very easy. Simply replace the existing files on your webserver with that in the upgrade package. Then call update.php in your browser (e.g. www.mydomain.com/update.php) and you are finish.

There should be no compatibility Problems with extension modules or templates.


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