UliCMS 9.0.0 "Purple Sky" released

Datum: 19.05.2015 15:03

UliCMS 9.0 is a new release of the powerful open source content management solution from germany. It was enhanced by useful HTML5 multimedia features and improved system security.

Multimedia using HTML5

you want to embed video players or music into your website?
In the past this required usage of Flash from Adobe.
But now the most modern browsers support multimedia also without a browser plugin. Thanks to HTML5.

UliCMS 9.0 integrates a HTML5 video and audio manager. It makes it even more easier to embed up-to-date multimedia assets to improve your website. In older browsers that doesn't support HTML5 the user got a media download offered. So they can watch the media using their favorite media player application.


UliCMS now uses tokens in it's forms, so it's not vulnerable to so called CSRF attacks..

Patch Management

You can now install patches just from the backend. You will get an informationen if new patches are available for installation. So it's now more easier to keep your system up-to-date with the newest patches.

Enforce Password Changes

Using a new option in user managent, you can force a user, to change his password at next login time.

New jQuery

The integrated jQuery was updated to version 1.11.1.
jQuery is now also integrated in the frontend by default, so that you can use the newest dynamic JavaScript technologies in your project without the need for a separate jQuery installation.

Web development now even faster

The PHP Form Builder Class (pfbc) is now included in the base system.
It makes it possible, to generate HTML forms using object oriented programming (OOP), it will even increase the productify of your developers.

UliCMS is the solid, modern and flexible content management solution you'd expect from it.


An upgrade can be performed as usual. Please read the important upgrade informations in doc folder before performing the upgrade.


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