UliCMS 8.0.1 "White Alpaka" released

Datum: 01.03.2015 14:14

UliCMS 8.0.1 is a new release of the open source content management solution with a few but useful improvents.


Tables like the page list now have jQuery(R) Tablesorter included.
This means you can sort lists by various columns without reloading the page.

A filter for filter pages by "page enabled" status was added.

"clear cache" is now directly in the "settings" menu located, instead in an useless sub menu with only one

UliCMS Backend is now pretty optimized for usage on mobile devices.
Font sizes, paddings, margins, and sizes were improved.
This improvements are only enabled on mobile devices.

A word count plugin was added to CKEditor.
CodeMirror source code editor was upgraded to version 4.12.0.

Internationalization and localization

Some missing translations were added to the system.

Language files are now also loaded in the frontend of your website.
So it's possible to localize extensions and themes using custom translation files.

Stay up to date

The newsfeed from www.ulicms.de is now integrated at the dashboard.
So you can better stay up to date about the newest UliCMS developments.
You don't have to visit our website frequently to get informations about the newest updates.

Update your System now

The open source content management solution just got an update.
You can do an upgrade from an older version of UliCMS as usual.

For a more detailed list of changes please read news.txt.


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