UliCMS 2023.1 "Sniffing Vicuña": Refurbished for the future

Datum: 05.03.2023 20:04

UliCMS 2023.1 is one of the most significant software releases of the last years. It was updated to fit a more modern coding style with Autoloaders, namespaces, removal of deprecated features and many other measures to make the code base more modern.
However this release is just a start of ongoing improvements of the base system.

Additionally to new coding standards and some bugfixes it also contains theese new features and improvements:

  • URLs don't contain extensions anymore
  • New robo task "cron" added
  • MobileDetect added
  • CrawlerDetect added
  • Replaced the diff package
  • Removed Google fonts feature due legal reasons
  • More fonts

Please note that due to API changes some modules are broken and can not be using without code changes. Theese modules will be getting updates in the near future to make it compatible with UliCMS 2023.1 and later versions.



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