search 0.6.0 Beta Version

Datum: 12.06.2015 20:10

A new beta version of the search module is available now.

It contains the following improvements:

  • Search results are now sorted descending by relevance -> Best matching search results will be shown at first
  • Optional "Boolean Mode" -> What is this?
  • Usage of <label> Tags for Radio Buttons
  • Usage of language files


  • In default settings of MySQL a word must have at least 4 chars. Words with a lesser amount of chars will not be found. Homever, you can change this only, if you have access to the my.ini configuration file.
  • A database table must have at least 4 datasets, either it will not find any search result.

Your Feedback about this beta stage search extension is welcome.

Download search-0.6.0 Beta


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