Patch for CVE-2015-4168

Datum: 21.07.2015 19:37

This patch fixes the security issue CVE-2015-4168 in UliCMS.

Installation of this patch for UliCMS 8.0.1

Please read the Readme file for further informations

Please note:

Make sure, that the patch for CVE-2015-2259 is already installed before.

Installation of this patch for UliCMS 9.0.0

Please note:

It's not recommend to install this patch manually. Please use the UliCMS 9 included patch management utils.

If the patch is not already installed, you get a notification in UliCMS backend panel, that new patches are available for installation.

An alternate method for patch installation is using patchck utility on command line prompt.

php /path/to/ulicms/shell/patchck.php install CVE-2015-4168-Fix


CVE-2015-4168-Fix for UliCMS 8.0.1

CVE-2015-4168-Fix for UliCMS 9.0.0


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