Package Source for UliCMS 9.0.0 was updated - 3 new and 5 updated packages

Datum: 07.08.2015 17:25

The package source for UliCMS 9.0.0 was updated.
With this new and updated extension packages you can stay up to date with the latest web technologies.

New Packages:

  1. Menutron-1.0
  2. pfbc_sample-0.0.2
  3. slicknav-1.0.2

Updated Packages:

  1. blog-6.4.2
  2. blog_sidebar_widget-0.0.3
  3. guestbook-0.0.8
  4. jquery_socialshareprivacy-1.6.1
  5. search-0.6.1

Please clear your CMS cache before installing or updating packages, to ensure, that you get always the latest software.


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