KCFinder 3.12 for UliCMS (Patch)

Datum: 26.04.2015 23:08

This patch upgrades the component "KCFinder", that is used in UliCMS as Media asset management tool to Version 3.12

It contains the following fixes, released since the version 2.51 of KCFinder, that is integrated in UliCMS 8.0.x and older versions of UliCMS.

  • Various image drivers support (gd, imagemagick, graphicsmagick)
  • Auto-rotate images based on EXIF data
  • PNG watermark support
  • Session start fix
  • TinyMCE 4 support
  • Performance fix
  • Now KCFinder requires PHP >= 5.3 because of using namespace: "kcfinder"
  • CSS & JavaScript minifier (on the fly)
  • jQuery UI & Uniform support
  • New theme & theme engine (old themes are not supported)
  • Improvements in JavaScript code to be well compressed and faster
  • Keep PNG transparency in generated thumbnails
  • New image viewer
  • Important security fixes!

Plese make sure, that your web server runs PHP 5.3 or newer.
Otherwise this patch will not work.
If this requirement is met, delete the folder "kcfinder".
Then upload the content of the "patch" folder to the main folder of your UliCMS installation and replace existing files.

KCFinder 3.12 for UliCMS 8.0.x Patch Download


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