CKEditor 4.5.3 Supplement for UliCMS

Datum: 17.09.2015 19:57

This supplement provides an upgrade of CKEditor to version 4.5.3 for UliCMS 8 or newer.
It is not required on UliCMS 9.0.2 or newer, since it is already included in that versions.
The supplement fixes some compatiblity issues with Microsoft's new Edge web browser.

It was also integrated with the following plugins:
- Auto Embed
- CodeMirror
- Media Embed
- Word Count & Char Count Plugin

Installation instruction

1. Make a backup!!!
2. Delete the folder "ckeditor" in "admin" folder of your UliCMS installation.
3. Upload content of "supplement" folder to the root directory of your UliCMS installation.
   Let it replace already existing files.



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