Authentication Methods

Datum: 31.03.2018 12:56

Out-of-the-box UliCMS has it's own login system.

However many companies are using central authentication systems to increase account security.

There are many modules to integrate UliCMS withhin existing infrastructure.

There are modules for these services:

  • LDAP
  • IMAP
  • HTTP Authentication
  • IP-Address

LDAP Authentication

LDAP is a protocol for network based user account directories.

ldap_login provides LDAP integration services for UliCMS.
It's tested with OpenLDAP and ActiveDirectory but it can be configured to work with any LDAP-capable directory server.

RADIUS Authentication

RADIUS is a protocol which is mostly used for logins to dial-in networks.

RADIUS support for UliCMS is provided by radius_login.

IMAP Authentication

IMAP is a protocol to fetch mails from an E-Mail server.
IMAP mail boxes with secure account may be used to login to UliCMS with the imap_login module.
imap_login is based on the imap_* functions of PHP which additionaly supports POP3 and the NNTP protocol.

HTTP Authentication

remote_auth supports every authentication method where the username is set as an environment variable. You can use remote_auth with HTTP basic or HTTP digest authentication or single-sign-on systems.

IP Login

ip_login logs in a specific user based on his client ip address.
This may be useful to provide access to UliCMS backend for specific hosts withhin an internal enterprise network.


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