Follow UliCMS at Instagram

Datum: 22.05.2019 07:41

You can now follow the UliCMS project at Instagram.


UliCMS 2019.2 with improved User Interface

Datum: 08.03.2019 16:38

The second quarter of 2019 UliCMS release focuses on usability and security improvements. An additional new value for developers is the new *.scss compiler which is fully integrated into the stylesheet queue API.

Look and Feel & Usability

Backend buttons nove have icons. Menus were added to backend pages with subpages (e.g. on all subpages of "Contents".

Users and groups were grouped under one menu item.



UliCMS 2019.1 has many new features

Datum: 19.12.2018 17:58

UliCMS 2019.1 is the first UliCMS release in 2019.
This release focuses on community features, antispam features and usability improvements.

Major Features in this Release

  • Comments
  • Additional spam prevention options
  • Assign multiple groups to users
  • "Delete" Button in the "edit page" view



UliCMS 2018.4 "Sleeping Capybara" has many new features

Datum: 27.09.2018 18:16

The new UliCMS Release 2018.4 is the result of 3 months of development.
The release 2018.4 focuses on usability, privacy and performance features.



UliCMS 2018.3 "Yellowstone" is now available

Datum: 03.05.2018 15:33

UliCMS Release 2018.3 is a free open source content management software from Brunswick, Germany and the successor to UliCMS 2018.2.

New Features in this release

  • New field types for file upload (Custom Types)
  • new security features
  • Mail transfer with an external SMTP server (PHPMailer)
  • Package Management Improvements
  • New HTML helper function
  • Updated components (e.g. jQuery 1.12.4, CodeMirror 5.35.0 and Mobile_Detect 2.8.31)
  • Patch Management Performance Improvements


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