UliCMS 2020.4: Small but significant update adds lazy loading and hierarchical page management

Datum: 12.10.2020 15:12

Native "Lazy Loading"

With lazy loading, embedded media such as images and iFrames loaded shortly before they are in the visible area of the browser. This speeds up the use of a website and can reduce consumption of data volume with a clocked internet connection like UMTS or LTE.

Hierarchical page management

The hierachical page management feature last time present in UliCMS 2019.4 was reimplemted.


UliCMS 2020.3 reenables the page filters,RESPONSIVE filemanager and improves usability and performace

Datum: 14.08.2020 18:13

I hope you are keeping yourself in good health in these hard times. More than one month later than originally scheduled I present the new UliCMS version 2020.3 which is the main release for the third quarter of 2020.

The main features of this new release are the reintroduced page filters and the new RESPONSIVE filemanager that removes the dead kcfinder component for media file upload and management. Other features include better usability and performance improvements.



Apps4Rent offers UliCMS hosting on Azure

Datum: 11.06.2020 19:17

Apps4Rent offers UliCMS hosting in the Micrsoft Azure cloud.

Legal Notice:
The UliCMS project is not associated with Apps4Rent LLC.


UliCMS 2020.2 with CKEditor updates and visual revised

Datum: 17.04.2020 17:47

UliCMS 2020.2 includes a lot of new features and improvements. This release is suited for new users and as upgrade for existing projects.


Stored XSS security flaw in PageController fixed

Datum: 23.03.2020 07:22

A stored cross-site-scripting security issue in the save page feature was reported by Ngo Van Thien, Sun* Inc.

The issue affects all UliCMS Versions.
The security hotfix FixPageControllerXSS was released for UliCMS 2019.4 and 2020.1.
If you still use an older release of UliCMS you should upgrade to a supported version and then install the patch.

The upcoming release 2020.2 will include the fix at release state.


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